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Learn How to Grow Beautiful Veggies That Burst in Your Mouth with Flavor!

Here I am with a delicious harvest from my small garden. And there's good news - you can grow these beautiful veggies too!

Are you tired of spending hours on your knees pulling weeds?

Do you like the idea of growing healthy veggies that are actually resistant to pests and diseases?

Would you like the joy of providing your family with fresh nutrient-dense food from the garden?

Of course! Who doesn't right?

And that's why Garden Launch is here - to give you the training, community, and resources  you need to spend less effort while growing healthier, more nutritious, and better tasting veggies than ever.

Hey there!

Paul here and I'd love to teach you how to grow your own nutritious veggies that taste amazing.

I don't know about you but I've never been a fan of cardboard tasting tomatoes, spending hours on my knees picking weeds, or constantly fighting the bug battle.

You work too hard to be wasting time on things that aren't pushing your garden forward. So let's skip over the guesswork, and start getting you results.

These days I am able to grow nutrient dense veggies that are bursting with flavor while saving hundreds of dollars of groceries at the same time.

And no, I'm not super human. I face challenges in my garden just like you do.

Before we saw success, my family spent a lot of time in the trenches.

We've gone through crop failures, bug takeovers, and worries about what would happen next. And it's no wonder considering that we started with limited knowledge and learned many things the hard way.

Now, there's no doubt in my mind that eventually you would be able to find your way out too.

And I'm not going to promise you a completely pest free garden that doesn't take any work and yields an endless supply of produce...

I just want to save you from the grief you'll likely go through by giving you an opportunity to learn from my family's mistakes and successes.

That's why I'd like to invite you inside Garden Launch.

Garden Launch is an online garden training resource and live interactive community that will show you how to grow your own nutrient dense veggies that taste amazing while spending less effort and saving hundreds of dollars on your grocery bills.

Now, you could be wondering... why would I care to invite you to join Garden Launch?

It's simple.

It doesn't take much to see that our world isn't getting any better, in fact it's getting worse.

And I want you to have the tools to be able to provide you and your family with fresh food when times get hard.

And secondly, your membership helps me pay the bills, make a living, and be able to focus on helping more people just like you.

I know that's pretty frank, but I want to be open and honest with you. And that's what you can expect inside Garden Launch too.

We are real people, we're not perfect, and we're not here to say we "know it all". We face new challenges and are learning new things all the time.

We simply want to save you years off of the learning curve by sharing with you our experience.

Garden Launch will not only save you a ton of time, it will be a huge advantage to you. Why you ask? Well you'll benefit from...

  • Instant access to a huge library of over 75 downloadable garden training videos, 170+ pages of worksheets and more: This is great because no matter if you're growing in containers or in your backyard - there's training videos, worksheets, and other resources that will take you through all aspects of gardening including planning your garden, building a healthy soil, weeding, trellising, watering, harvesting, and even extending your season into or straight through the winter.
  • Live monthly Garden Launch meetings: This is big because we'll keep you posted on the latest we're learning from the garden or what's happening around the world. These will be recorded and posted in the members area.
  • Live one-on-one Q+A times: This is the most exciting part about our live meetings because as long as you have a mic and webcam we can bring you in live and talk one on one about the challenges or successes you are experiencing in your garden.
  • Community interaction with other members: This is great because it makes you a part of a world wide family of gardeners that can learn and share with each other in the live chat during our live events.
  • The Born to Grow resource center: This is a good thing because it will give you quick access to our favorite tools and resources to spend less effort, save time in your garden, and dig deeper into the training.

But wait, there's more! You'll also gain access to:

  • The Born to Grow Sample Garden Plan: This sample garden plan is an easy plug-and-play garden built for you. Growing 20 varieties of veggies and herbs, it comes with pre-made planting calendars taking the work out of planning your season.
  • Growing Info Quick Look-up Guide: This will help you know how far apart to plant your veggies. Or maybe you need to know if your plant is frost tolerant or how to save the seeds? Use the quick lookup guide to quickly find the growing information you need.
  • Understanding GMO's and How to Grow Wholesome Veggies Presentation: This will help you know what GMO’s are, why you should be concerned, how to keep your garden GMO free, which seed companies are safe to buy seeds from, why the soil is so important and how to improve yours, how to start plants from seed that will thrive, how to deal with pests and diseases naturally, and more…
  • The Shocking Truth About Your Food and How to Easily Grow Veggies in the Winter Presentation: This will help you understand shocking facts about the food system that surrounds us in America (and the world), why processed foods are ravaging the health of families across the nation, the most important thing you need to know right now about how to have a fresh harvest of veggies all winter long, practical ways to protect your veggies, and more…
  • And more...

But I should warn you...

There is a catch and that is I can't promise how long this training will be available at this price.

This is because I just totaled everything up and I'm including over $700 worth of training (not including the value of the live events) - which is WAY more than what you'll actually be paying to join.

In fact, my fiancée told me to let you know that she thinks that I'm being extremely generous (or perhaps a bit crazy) to give you this offer. 🙂

But we really do want to help as many people as we can and so I'm going to make your decision extremely simple.

For just $1 you can join Garden Launch, try it out for a week, and if for some reason you don't feel like it's added 100x the value to your garden you can cancel with no questions asked...

Or come stay with the family and continue on for only $15/month.

The success of your garden is important.

So click the yellow button below that says "Join Garden Launch Now" and start launching your garden to new heights!

Again, I'm Paul and I'm incredibly excited for you to jump in and get started. Talk to you soon!

Join Garden Launch Now

$1 Trial for 7 days then continue for $25/month
then continue for only $15/month

No hidden fees. No time obligations. You can cancel at any time.

"I know of no pursuit in which more real and important services can be rendered to any country than by improving its agriculture..." - George Washington

Here's how your Garden Launch membership works...

Plus here's a little sneak peak inside  😉

New members of Garden Launch will receive instant access to our online classroom courses including over 75 videos, 170+ pages of worksheets, over 75 resources and more... where you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to start growing the beautiful veggies that you love.

The library is delivered completely online through our online videos, audios, and worksheets. Plus there’s a growing resource center. That's where we link out to valuable resources and tools to help boost your gardening experience.

And there's good news! The online videos are completely "at your own pace". There are no deadlines, due dates, or worries that you'll loose access to the training. All the content is delivered up front and is available for you at any time so you can work through it as quickly or as slowly as you would like.


PLUS! Introducing LIVE Interactive Garden Launch Meetings!

All members will also be included in our monthly LIVE Garden Launch meetings where we'll have a live training session and an interactive question and answer time. As a member you will be able to "raise your hand" and join the live feed so we can talk one on one about your gardening challenges or you can post your questions in the live chat and we'll cover as many as we can.

The live meetings will also offer an opportunity for you as a member to connect with other enthusiastic gardeners from around the world. Come learn and share together!

Here's What You'll Find inside Garden Launch

The Born to Grow Home Garden Course:

  • Module 1: Planning and Preparation

    A good plan is such a foundation for a successful garden. In module one we’ll dive down into planning your garden including choosing what to grow, determining how much you want to tackle, and even deciding where to plant your veggies. You’ll also learn why growing in beds is usually more efficient than rows and how to practically prepare your beds or make a raised bed.

  • Module 2: The Soil

    When it comes to organic gardening there is hardly anything more important than a healthy soil. Module two begins our journey into learning about the soil, what composes a healthy soil structure, the organic matter and chemical balances in the soil, nutrient availability, and the host of microbial life that live and thrive in a healthy soil and interact in amazing ways with the veggies we grow.

  • Module 3: Soil Fertility

    It may be one thing to know about what makes up a healthy soil, but it’s another thing to get your soil there. In module three we’ll cover how to do a soil test, and then how to analyze the soil test and amend your soil appropriately. And since organic matter is so important to any soil, we’ll cover making a successful compost pile and using green manures and cover crops. (No worries, you’ll find out what that is)

  • Module 4: Crop Rotation

    Different veggies have different nutrient needs and have different effects on the soil they are grown in. Some feed heavily on the nutrients in the soil while others help build up a healthy soil. In module four we’ll discuss why rotating veggies in the garden is important, how different veggies effect the soil and each other, and how to make your own rotation. There’s even a couple sample rotations you can use right away.

  • Module 5: Direct Seeding

    In my work with Bountiful Blessings Farm we actually transplant almost all of the veggies we grow – but there are some where direct seeding is the more efficient way to go. In module five you’ll learn about which plants can be easier to direct seed, practical tips for efficiency, and some tools that can be helpful in the process. You’ll even get to see some demonstrations to help you on your way.

  • Module 6: Transplanting

    Transplanting can give your plants a huge head start in the garden. Module six covers which plants you should grow inside and then transplant, the host of advantages that transplanting has, and why we like to use soil blocks instead of plug trays to start our starts in. You’ll learn what soil blocking is, how to grow starts in soil blocks, and then how to transplant them out successfully.

  • Module 7: Cultivation

    No one likes to spend hours on their knees pulling weeds (at least I don’t think most people do). The neat thing is that you don’t have to. In module seven you’ll learn about how you can easily take care of weeds without having to pull them out with a dinner knife or spading fork. You’ll also learn some practical ways to trellis your veggies and how to keep them watered well.

  • Module 8: Pests and Diseases

    Pests can be such a problem in an organic garden – but it doesn’t always have to be so. In module eight you’ll learn about why we choose to take a plant-positive approach to the garden rather than a pest-negative one. You’ll also learn about how a healthy plant is more resistant to insect pests and diseases and some things you can do if your garden is being overrun with them.

  • Module 9: Harvest and Storage

    It’s one thing to grow a garden full of nutritious veggies, but the real treat is when you get to harvest and eat them! In module nine you’ll learn about when to harvest your veggies, the importance of fresh food, and then practical tips for storing your produce. You’ll learn which foods should NOT be stored together and how to store storage crops like potatoes, garlic, onions, and more.

  • Module 10: Season Extension

    For most people the gardening season only lasts a few months during the summer, but why not take it longer into fall or even straight through the winter? In module ten you’ll learn what veggies grow well in the cold, why timing is so important for having a successful fall or winter garden, and practical ways you can protect your precious veggies without breaking your pocket book.

  • Module 11: The Winter Garden

    Growing a garden in the winter is a bit different than growing one in the summer. In module eleven you’ll learn about taking care of your garden during the winter months. And then for those who have a greenhouse or are interested in using one you’ll learn about protecting plants in a greenhouse, heating the house, dealing with snow, and caring for the soil inside.

  • Module 12: Garden Connections

    Unfortunately, our society at large is largely disconnected from the natural world. In module twelve we’ll talk about reconnecting back with nature and about how the garden can teach us so many principles of life that carry over into every area of our lives. And ultimately you’ll learn about how we can catch a clearer picture of the love of our Creator through the natural world He has created.

Because I know very little about gardening, (but love to grow things,) this Born to Grow Gardening Course [included in Garden Launch] is an absolute must for me! Paul Dysinger seems to know more, and willingly share more than anyone that I have ever come across. And he makes it all so easy and accessible. I would gladly pay for this course over again. It is worth every dime! Also, I go at so slow a pace that it is comforting that all the information remains available to me.

Cynthia Jackson - Washington USA
Accidental Masterpiece

We have been gardening for a number of years now but I have felt like we didn’t know enough. Books are good in and of themselves but to actually see the steps to good gardening methods in video was very helpful and will be useful in the years to come. I’ve learned so much from planning my garden, helpful garden tools, soil prep, planting, watering, trellising, and cool tips along the way such as how to have the best tasting tomato and fruit tricks. Love the resources too.

Heidi and Randy Prewitt
California USA

But Wait! There's More...

  • Understanding GMOs and How to Grow Wholesome Veggies Presentation

    This webinar with my Dad was a huge hit covering what GMO’s are and why you should be concerned, how to keep your garden GMO free, which seed companies are safe to buy seeds from, why the soil is so important and how to improve yours, how to start plants from seed that will thrive, how to deal with pests and diseases naturally, and more…

  • The Shocking Truth about Your Food and How to Easily Grow Your Own Presentation

    This recent webinar with my Dad was the largest we have ever done covering shocking facts about the food system that surrounds us in America, why processed foods are ravaging the health of families across the nation, the most important thing you need to know right now about how to have a fresh harvest of veggies all winter long, practical ways to protect your veggies, and more…

  • Seven Secrets of Organic Gardening Mini Course

    Originally sold as a DVD set – the Seven Secrets of Organic Gardening seminar presented by John Dysinger is full of valuable content to jump start you on your way to growing a healthy, thriving garden. Now repackaged as an online mini course with downloadable worksheets for each section, this course will take you on a quick journey through making your garden beds, transplanting, cultivating, dealing with pests, building a healthy soil and more. This course will encourage you to make gardening a lifestyle rather than just an event. Plus, you will have the opportunity to gain some extra insights from the bonus question and answer section at the end.

  • Small Space Urban Gardening Course

    In launching Born to Grow Gardening University I quickly became aware of the fact that many people would love to learn how to grow their own food but simply don’t have a large space to garden. Perhaps they are living in a subdivision or apartment. What then? The mini garden course seeks to address these issues by pulling together the knowledge learned in the main 12 modules and packing it into practical ways to make the most out of a very small space. While I believe that everyone should move to the country, I don’t want a city lifestyle to keep you from starting… This course is currently being created.

I have enjoyed this course very much. I especially liked the fact that God was brought into the course. That has been a great blessing. All the information will be so helpful in my garden this year. Now I just need winter to be over!

Debbie Schwartz - Canada

Yes, that's a lot! Enroll Now and Gain Instant Access to...

  • The Born to Grow Home Garden Course
  • Seven Secrets of Organic Gardening Mini Course
  • Small Space Urban Gardening Course (in creation)
  • The Courses Include Over 75 Downloadable Training and Demonstration Videos and 170+ Pages of Worksheets
  • Live monthly Garden Launch meetings
  • Live one-on-one Q+A times
  • Community interaction with other members
  • The Born to Grow Resource Center
  • The Born to Grow Sample Garden Plan
  • Growing Info Quick Look-up Guide
  • Bonus Coaching Call Archive
  • Understanding GMOs and How to Grow Wholesome Veggies Presentation
  • The Shocking Truth about Your Food and How to Easily Grow Your Own Presentation
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LynneCareyI was very excited when I came across Paul Dysinger’s Born to Grow Organic Gardening Course [included inside Garden Launch] a few months ago when it was first released. Even in the introductory videos before I purchased the course I really liked Paul’s down-to-earth style and friendly presentation manner.

The course itself is awesome… Paul keeps working to improve not only the information he is providing but also the Members area which is really easy to find your way around.

Another thing I particularly appreciate is he has taken a lot of care to make sure the video presentations are of a superb quality.

Being a keen gardener myself, I am always looking to learn more, and I strongly recommend the Born to Grow course to anyone interested in Organic Gardening. Regardless of your level of experience, or the room you have to garden, I am sure you will benefit from this training for years to come…

Lynne Carey - Australia
Urban Garden Survival

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