The ULTIMATE Shortcut to Grow Your Own Nutrient Dense Organic Food and Stop Paying BIG Bucks to the Grocery Stores...

FullSizeRender(1)Would you love to grow enough food for your family?

Do you dream of living off the land?

How would you like save up to $700/year or more eating high quality organic veggies right out of the garden?

Hey, it's Paul and I'd like to invite you to come see for yourself why Born to Grow has become the #1 resource for people from around the world looking for REAL, HYPE-FREE advice, training and community... to grow their own nutrient dense organic food from home.

I'd Love To Try Born to Grow University

Growing Your Own Food With Mentors Who Are Already LIVING OUT OF THE GARDEN Is Faster, Easier, And Way More Fulfilling Than Doing It By Yourself

That's why here at Born to Grow we cut through the fluff and focus on what works: guiding you through our tried and true Gardening to Abundance Game Plan where you'll learn the exact step-by-step methods we use over and over again to grow more amazing nutrient packed delicious food with less effort, less disease, less pests, less stress and less overwhelm.

How Does The Gardening Membership Work?

The days of over-priced health food in the supermarket are over. Enter your very own garden overflowing with nutrient packed veggies that are only 3 minutes from your table.

Our job? We know your life is busy and believe you should have the joy of just focusing on the fun of growing and harvesting. That means we'll shoulder the stuff that derails most people before they even start like:

How should I lay out my garden, it seems like everyone says something different? Oh no worries... we'll show you exactly what to do to keep it simple and easy.

Those catalogs are overwhelming... I mean there's 100 different tomato varieties, which one should I grow? I can understand... that's why we'll tell you our proven favorites so you can know your growing a winner every time.

How in the world do I know when I should be planting winter squash or carrots? Ah! Not a problem. You'll never even have to think about it when you use our garden map checklists (more on that in a bit here).

My life is busy and it's overwhelming to even just get started. We totally understand. That's why we cut through the fog and take you just one step at a time so you'll never be overwhelmed again.

Here Is What You Can Expect When You Join:


Every month we deliver step-by-step short video lessons guiding members through our Gardening to Abundance Game Plan. This is the exact system we use that works over and over again to grow MORE nutrient packed veggies with LESS effort, stress or work.

These videos include teaching along with step-by-step instruction for specific gardening strategies that will get you to a desired end result. For example, how to keep your garden weed free without spending hours on your knees, how to deal with pests and diseases naturally, how to prepare a bed from scratch, and so much more...


You'll love this!

Once a month my sweet wife Natasha is going to share a short health spotlight highlighting the latest on health and food.

And to top it off she'll be sharing one of our favorite fresh garden recipes each time with you too! She'll try and make them as close as possible to what you'll be harvesting out of the garden at that time of the year.


Once a month you'll join us for our LIVE members meeting!

This is a fantastic time to come together LIVE, connect with other members and ask your questions. We'll personally be answering questions for as long as people stay on the meeting.

We'll also be sharing with you the latest we've been learning in the garden, a short video update of our garden and whenever we can, we like to spotlight one of your gardens!

Who knows... maybe you could be next? 🙂


Join us in our brand new Private Facebook Group!

Connect with others. Get your questions answered. Help each other. And share your successes or trials. I mean, just look at Melissa's cucumber harvest! We'll be in there to keep things lively and help you out too.

This is where the action happens ALL month long. You see, we're not just building a community... we're growing a family.


With our custom garden map checklists you'll receive regular checklists outlining exactly what you should be doing in the garden each week.

Yup! That means no more wondering when your tomatoes need to be planted, or when you should be transplanting your kale.

Our checklists take all the work out of planning your garden calendar (we do it for you!) and give you clarity to know exactly what you should do and when to do it - all based off of your season and location.

4 Simple Steps To Abundance. Here's Your Garden Game Plan In A Nutshell:

Gardening to Abundance Game Plan

Step 1:

You'll learn step-by-step:

How to improve your soil even if it's terribly clumpy, clayey or too sandy

How to take a soil test and know what kind of organic nutrients to use to make sure your plants are healthy (and the secret nutrient most people don't know about!)

How our garden map checklists completely eliminate the stress and overwhelm of trying to plan your garden when you're already running a tight ship

How to make beautiful high quality compost without it ever stinking up the neighbors yard (or yours for that matter!)

And more...

Step 2:

You'll learn step-by-step:

How to prepare beautiful garden beds from scratch without breaking your back

How often to add nutrients or compost to your garden so your plants stay health but without overdoing it

The exact plant spacing we use in our garden beds to maximize production every single time

How to grow young transplants that will thrive even if you're completely new at it

And more...

Step 3:

You'll learn step-by-step:

How to effortlessly keep your garden weed free without ever spending hours on your knees picking weeds

How to naturally deal with insect pests and diseases without ever using harmful chemicals that hurt you and the environment

How to water your garden using a simple system that will save you hours of time and gallons of water

How to know when to harvest your veggies and how to store them so that they'll last

And more...

Step 4:

You'll learn step-by-step:

How to have a fresh harvest of beautiful veggies straight through the winter even if you live in Washington, Michigan or Maine!

The simple system we use every year to protect our veggies in the cold months without breaking our pocketbook

The one simple trick to know which veggies grow well in the cold and which ones do best in the summer

How to beat the seasons using micro-climates to grow cold weather crops even in the summer

And more...

24/7, On-Demand Access. Anytime. Anywhere.

The training above represent more than 60 downloadable garden training videos, 170+ pages of worksheets, notes and other downloadable articles and documents and over 75 resources... with more coming.

I know that sounds like a lot (and it is!) but don't worry - we'll be guiding you through the gardening season one step at a time so it's never overwhelming.

I'd Love To Try Born to Grow University


No matter where you are in your gardening journey... we have something for you. And since we don't believe in tooting our own horn (ok, we do a little bit), here are REAL members telling you, in their own words, what they enjoy most about Born to Grow:

"I just wanted to tell you Paul thank you for the garden plan you have posted on the website. I have never planted in blocks before -always in rows. But my garden is looking so pretty. Less rows to weed. Plants seem to like each other when in groupings. Thanks for making my gardening experience such a joy! And when I realized that my soil has a lot of clay in it causing a crusty surface not easily absorbing applied moisture, I've been trenching /side dressing around the plants with composted organic soil.  Moisture now easily transfers to roots. Wow what a difference good soil makes to the plants health! My 2 eggplants were dropping blossoms, and flea beetles chewing holes in leaves. Within a few days after side dressing, they have put on many blossoms, hardly any flea beetles, and many healthy leaves -looking good."

Jennifer Lingerfelt
Illinois USA

"This is my fourth year of gardening, and I learn new things every year. Born to Grow has provided me with so much useful instruction that I’m implementing. The classes and videos are easy to understand, the material is well-researched, and the instruction is practical. I look forward to having my best garden yet!"

Joelle McNulty - Tennessee USA

"We have been gardening for a number of years now but I have felt like we didn’t know enough. Books are good in and of themselves but to actually see the steps to good gardening methods in video was very helpful and will be useful in the years to come. I’ve learned so much from planning my garden, helpful garden tools, soil prep, planting, watering, trellising, and cool tips along the way such as how to have the best tasting tomato and fruit tricks. Love the resources too."

Heidi and Randy Prewitt
California USA

"I tried implementing what I learned through the school this summer from seed to harvest and we had some good success, which really made me like a happy kid again. It was a small garden space, about 20’ x 12’, but we this year harvested a good amount of cherry tomatoes, medium size tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, Korean hot peppers, Russian kale, Swiss chard, lettuce, green beans, dill, eggplant, and other plants I don’t know the English name for. Unfortunately, some crops didn’t make it to fruit, but I was too happy with the ones that did to complain. There was a very noticeable difference in the amount of fruitage this year compared to last year. I’m convinced myself now that a large part of it was because of the soil preparation as suggested at the start of spring (maybe would have been better if I started earlier in winter). But overall, I really got to see how God can bless by following the simple yet powerful principles He designed in nature. I really got to give credit where credit is due, so I thank God and thank you for sharing the knowledge and wisdom to the masses."

Roy Kim - New York USA

"I have never done a garden before and found the idea a little overwhelming.  Then I found Born to Grow.  I have been given a road map to successful gardening.  Just by following the Plug and Play Garden Plan and the instructional videos I not only feel capable to do a garden but excited to watch each step blossom.  But, that is not all!  Paul has been there for me through email for my specific questions and the recommended source materials are indispensable. Not to mention the monthly web meetings where I can learn more and interact with my fellow "gardeners".  I have really become a gardener thanks to Born To Grow."

Jan Johnson - USA

04 - 067"I recently became a member of the Born to Grow community.  I grew up growing a big garden with my parents and I am very passionate about gardening as an adult.  Though I consider myself to be a somewhat experienced gardener, I cannot even tell you how much I've learned already from the gardening courses.  For example, I never realized how much there is to know about soil health!  Just today my kids and I counted the # of worms in a square foot of our garden dirt.  It was a lot of fun - and told us a lot about our soil.  I would've never known to do this had it not been for being a part of the Born to Grow community.  I have learned many other things about soil testing, winter gardening, greenhouse gardening, and soil blocking, all of which I can't wait to try.  I'm looking forward to learning more from Paul and the team at Born to Grow so I can become a more efficient gardener and provide even more organic produce for my family.  I would recommend this course to anyone - whether an experienced gardener or someone just getting started!"

LaRee Colburn - Nebraska USA

"Because I know very little about gardening, (but love to grow things,) this Born to Grow Gardening Course [included in Garden Launch] is an absolute must for me! Paul Dysinger seems to know more, and willingly share more than anyone that I have ever come across. And he makes it all so easy and accessible. I would gladly pay for this course over again. It is worth every dime! Also, I go at so slow a pace that it is comforting that all the information remains available to me."

Cynthia Jackson - Washington USA
Accidental Masterpiece

"I have enjoyed this course very much. I especially liked the fact that God was brought into the course. That has been a great blessing. All the information will be so helpful in my garden this year. Now I just need winter to be over!"

Debbie Schwartz - Canada

James pic"Born to Grow has been a real blessing to me to help me stay connected to others who are growing their own veggies or at least want to.  I have been a gardener for about 30 years and I still learn things from Paul and his dad.  If I had a son, I'd like to have as good a working relationship as they do.  I'm working with my grandson who is four.  Born to Grow is a great way to get reliable knowledge about organic gardening.

James Hunt - 004 - web

I moved to an apartment building in Chattanooga, TN in July.  There was only one small space in the yard that got much sun so I put in an 8 foot by 4 foot garden of Russian kale, Georgia southern collards, and black seeded Simpson lettuce in September.  By November, the shadow from the apartment building next door shaded the garden by 2:30pm onward.  The lettuce needed more sun and didn't do well, but the kale and collards did well all winter.  I covered the bed with a single layer of plastic over pvc hoops. I ate fresh greens all winter.  The collards started to bolt the first of March, so I pulled them out and cooked them; sweet!  The kale is still growing strong, but I have started new plants to replace everything since the kale will probably bolt also."

James Hunt - Tennessee USA

LynneCarey"I was very excited when I came across Paul Dysinger’s Born to Grow Organic Gardening Course [included inside Garden Launch] a few months ago when it was first released. Even in the introductory videos before I purchased the course I really liked Paul’s down-to-earth style and friendly presentation manner.

The course itself is awesome… Paul keeps working to improve not only the information he is providing but also the Members area which is really easy to find your way around.

Another thing I particularly appreciate is he has taken a lot of care to make sure the video presentations are of a superb quality.

Being a keen gardener myself, I am always looking to learn more, and I strongly recommend the Born to Grow course to anyone interested in Organic Gardening. Regardless of your level of experience, or the room you have to garden, I am sure you will benefit from this training for years to come…"

Lynne Carey - Australia
Urban Garden Survival


On top of everything else, we'll shoulder ALL of the risk for you with our Rock Solid 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

You see, we are completely confident that when you join and follow our step-by-step system you'll experience the joy of harvesting MORE veggies that taste better than ever before. And all with LESS work or stress. But, if for any reason during the first 30 days you decide the membership is not for you, simply send us an email and we'll cancel and refund you no questions asked. Sound fair?

It's About TRUST

Trust really is everything... whether you are investing one dollar or a thousand dollars. We are REAL people. We have hundreds of REAL members.

My name is Paul Dysinger and this is my wife Natasha. I've been gardening all my life since I was just a little tyke and my mom got me to grow some artichokes in the backyard. Later my family moved to Tennessee, where my Dad, Edwin joined my Uncle John in running our small scale organic family farm... where we grow over 70 varieties of vegetables, herbs and berries - all year round.

There have been lots of lessons over the years... not only in our own experience, but as we've taught and learned from others as well.

And now, years later, I live off-grid with my wife Natasha surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in middle TN. Together with my Dad, Edwin we love helping others learn how to grow their own nutrient dense food from their own backyards.

Come on in... the water is mighty fine.

The Born to Grow Community Pledge

We promise to deliver straightforward training and advice showing you how to set up a productive and healthy garden to grow your own nutrient dense organic food. We promise to treat you just like we treat our own family. And we promise there is no hype. If you don't love the training, don't worry... within the first 30 days you can simply send us an email and we'll refund your full order. All of the risk is squarely on our shoulders... where it belongs.

I'd Love To Try Born to Grow University