Are You the Guinea Pig? The Shocking Truth about the Food You're Eating and How to Easily Grow Your Own Fresh Veggies Through the Dead of Winter



Thursday, August 28th
5 PM Pacific Time
6 PM Mountain Time
7 PM Central Time
8 PM Eastern Time

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During this FREE WEBINAR you will learn:

  • 1

    Why our food system is so fragile and how your access to fresh food could disappear within a matter of days

  • 2

    Why processed foods are ravaging the health of families across the nation

  • 3

    The most important thing you need to know right now about how to have a fresh harvest of veggies all winter long

  • 4

    Simple and effective ways to protect your precious veggies in the middle of winter without breaking your pocket book

  • 5

    Why you should be growing your own fresh food right now

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    And more...

Edwin & Paul Dysinger

Paul Dysinger is the founder of Born to Grow Online Organic Gardening University and farms with his Dad Edwin Dysinger on Bountiful Blessings Farm.

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