Microgreens Challenge

In our Microgreens Challenge we'll be taking you through the step by step process of how to grow your own microgreens in only 14 short days. In fact we'll practically hold your hand through the whole process sending you regular emails to keep you on track and showing you exactly what to do in our demonstration videos.

It's fast, it's easy, and it's plug-and-play.

Even better, we'll show you exactly how to set the whole production on AUTO-PILOT! That's right. Set it. Forget it. Come back and harvest 14 days later. It doesn't get better than that.

Become a Pro Member!

Join hundreds of other gardeners from around the world as we cut through the fluff and focus on what works: guiding you through our tried and true Gardening to Abundance Game Plan where you'll learn the exact step-by-step methods we use over and over again to grow more amazing nutrient packed delicious food with less effort, less disease, less pests, less stress and less overwhelm.

Includes: monthly master classes, live meetings, garden health spotlight recipes, and more...

Home Gardening Course
50% OFF

In our flagship gardening course you will learn step-by-step gardening strategies that will get you to a desired end result. For example, how to keep your garden weed free without spending hours on your knees pulling weeds, how to deal with pests and diseases naturally, how to prepare a bed from scratch, and so much more...

Includes: 12 training modules with 18+ hours of training, over 45 garden training and demonstration videos, 160+ pages of worksheets, notes and other documents.

Seven Secrets Course
50% OFF

This seminar presented by John Dysinger is full of valuable content to jump start you on your way to growing a healthy, thriving garden. Inside you'll learn the basics of preparing your garden beds, handling pesky pests in an organic and natural way, practical ways to build a succesful compost pile, and more.

This DVD will encourage you to make gardening a lifestyle rather than just an event. Plus, you will have the opportunity to gain some extra insights from the question and answer times at the end of each section.