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How to Use Our 3 Step Garden Planning Formula to Easily Grow Over $1000 of Food in Your Small Backyard

(including our $1000 Plug and Play Garden Plan or SCALE it up to grow way MORE!)


  • How to plan your best garden ever from scratch in 3 simple steps (we'll hold your hand and do it with you - or you can use our ready-to-go plug and play garden plan). This is great because you'll have our help each step of the way which means you won't have to worry about messing up or creating a plan that just won't work.
  • How to use our "Perpetual Harvest Hack" to grow fresh food all year round (it's easier than you think). What that means to you is you'll be able to harvest fresh food from your garden every week of the year (in most places). And what that ultimately means is you'll be saving a LOT of money while keeping your family healthy with fresh nutrient dense food so you can enjoy life together for years to come!
  • How to create your own planting schedule in just minutes (complete with a checklist of what to do each week). This is great because you'll have a clear plan for your garden which means instead of being overwhelmed you'll know exactly what to do, and when to do it in your garden. No more gardening by the seat of your pants - yeah!!
  • Our favorite varieties of veggies for quick and easy seed ordering (plus our favorite seed companies to order from). This means that by the end of the workshop you'll be able to place your seed order and be WAY ahead of the game. This is great because it'll save you from having to worry about not having your seeds ready to plant when it's time to start your garden!
  • And more...


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Edwin and Paul Dysinger have taught thousands of people from around the world how to grow nutrient dense food in their backyards through their online gardening business Born to Grow.

Session 1:

Here's what you'll discover:

There's nothing worse then feeling overwhelmed with choosing which veggies to grow, what variety, should you get heirloom or hybrid seeds... what about GMOs?

Now you don't have to. That's because during this first session we'll walk you step-by-step through figuring out exactly what to grow in your garden including:

  • How to choose which veggies to grow
  • Our simple "Winter LR + Summer SF" formula to know which veggies grow best in the winter or summer.
  • How to know what types of seeds to order (yup - we'll cover the difference between GMO, Heirloom, Open Pollinated, and Organic seeds and how to know which ones you should grow).
  • Our top list of favorite seed companies we order from again and again
  • And you'll even get to see some of our favorite varieties!


Session 2:

Here's what you'll discover:

Ever felt the stress of not knowing what to do and when to do it in your garden?

In this session we'll walk you step-by-step through the process of creating your own personal planting calendar so you always know exactly what you should be doing and when to do it.

But that's not all! Say goodbye to gardening by the seat of your pants as we cover exactly how to set up succession planting for a continual harvest, how weekly checklists can make your gardening an absolute breeze, and as we reveal our perpetual harvest hack to make year-round gardening incredibly easy.

With this training and your own personal planting calendar in hand, you'll never have to worry about when to do what in your garden anymore. This is great because it means you'll be able to enjoy the rich flavors of your garden without the stress of wondering if you're doing something at the wrong time. And what that ultimately means is you'll be able to enjoy your garden with your family so much more and can be proud to show it off to your friends.

Session 3:

Here's what you'll discover:

Ever wonder where to plant your veggies? How to use a crop rotation? Or how much you should be growing?

That's exactly what we cover in this last session including step-by-step training on how to choose where to grow each crop, how to map out your garden space visually, and how to incorporate a simple crop rotation plan so your garden stays healthy over time.

But we didn't stop there. You'll also get our best tips on figuring out how much to grow, how to
order your seeds, and a more in-depth look at succession planting to create a year-round harvest and maximize the garden space that you have for the largest harvests and return on your investment.


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Here's What Our LIVE Attendees Had to Say:

  • Great workshop Paul & Edwin. You are AMAZING.
    Sylvia Langlie Orie Tennessee, USA
  • Great series!!! thank y'all so much! So much great info!

    Great group of participants! Look forward to seeing you on the Born to Grow Facebook page!
    Monty Martin Georgia, USA
  • Thank you for doing all of this!! the calendar is awesome
    Michelle Whittaker Virginia, USA
  • Fantastic workshop!!! Thank you both so much. Really great attendees, too ­čÖé
    Jennifer Wright Florida, USA
  • Thank you so much for this workshop. Great information. excited about the calender
    Joanne Yoder Florida, USA
  • Very helpful-totally awesome
    Ute Bischoff New Jersey, USA

Here's what's included:

  • 3 Recorded sessions with Edwin and Paul Dysinger walking you step-by-step through our garden planning formula to grow your best garden ever!
  • Our $1000 ready-to-go Plug and Play Garden Plan so you can effortlessly launch your garden without even doing the work if you want to.
  • Recorded Q+A times to help get your questions answered.
  • Garden planning worksheets to make the entire process a breeze!
  • BONUS! ($15 value) 1 month FREE access to your own personal Click 'N Drop Gardening Calendar (and entire garden training library) to easily plan your entire gardening year in just minutes.
  • BONUS! ($35 value) 14 Day Microgreens Challenge (step-by-step training to grow your own microgreens).

Get instant access for 99% OFF:
$97 just $1.

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Either you watch all three sessions and this workshop knocks it out of the park with helping you set up your garden plan for this next year or you get your money back. Just send us a note to paul[at]borntogrow.net and you can get a refund, no questions asked.