Fastest Way to Grow Food NOW Class Documents


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    Webinar Worksheet

    We are supposed to remember things better when we write them down... and so here's a great worksheet to go along with the webinar! Space has been provided for those who would like to take notes.

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    Webinar Resource List

    How would you like to be a click away from the resources discussed on the webinar? Well, here's your chance! This document contains a list of the products and resources discussed on the webinar.

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    $1,000 Plug and Play Garden Plan

    You got it. This is the simple plug and play garden plan we used this last summer/fall to grow over $1,000 of food in a small 15x20 foot garden space. Now you can copy and use it for yourself!

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    BONUS: Ultimate Garden Cheat Sheet

    Our Ultimate Garden Cheat Sheet including seeding tips on how often/when to seed each crop, which plants to direct seed or transplant, our favorite varieties, the best plant spacings for maximum production, and more!

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    NEW! Class Slides

    Here is the slide presentation from the class Thursday night